Marine Consultation

Marine Consultation
Our qualified and expert staff is able to provide customers with any consultations or explanations in respect to the maritime business in Suez Canal area or any Egyptian port.


When you have a vessel in port, it is important that the husbandry services are delivered on time and well coordinated with the vessel operation.
Services that can be performed on request
    Coordination of booked services
    Cash to master
    Meet and greet
    Crew changed assistance
    Medical assistant
    Spare parts handling
    bunker delivery coordination
    Launch services

Protective Agency

Protective Agency
As protective agents, we designed services to ensure that your interests are well taken care of.
Services that can be performed on request:
  •     Cargo release against bill of landing
  •     Cargo damage reporting
  •     Claims handling
  •     Draft survey  coordination
  •     Tally supervision
  •     Cargo survey coordination
  •     On/off hire survey coordination
  •     Rejected cargo follow-up
  •     Cargo Supervision